Last-Minute Recommendations

In case you haven’t noticed (and if you haven’t, you haven’t?), the number of reviews I’ve cranked out has trickled off the second half of this year. It’s not for any specific reason and definitely not for lack of material, but sometimes there’s just more going on than I can tackle at once. 
True, I could have written shorter reviews (I usually try to listen to each album at least three times and hit at least a 500-word count in each post), but I didn’t want to shortchange any of the comedians. It wouldn’t have been fair to them to not give them the attention they deserved.
But is giving them no attention fair? 
Good question.
That being said, I will get to them. Until I do, though, I wanted to give you a quick list of those comedians whose official reviews I haven’t yet written but their names need to be known. Some of them will appear on my Best of 2013 list and some won’t, but they all deserve a place on your hard drive. Swing by the Comedy Reviews store and pick ’em up.
Here they are, in alphabetical order. I haven’t been able to write about them yet, but – spoiler alert – I’ll have nothing but good things to say when I do. 

  • «Beer Hall Putsch» – Doug Stanhope
  • «Don’t Force It» – Tom Shillue
  • «Heyday» – Tom Shillue
  • «Oh My God» – Louis C.K.
  • «(pronounced dāv mȯr-däl)» – Dave Mordal
  • «Tense and Uncomfortable» – Paul Hooper
  • «Things I Think, I Think» – Roy Wood, Jr.
  • «Two First Names» – Tracey Ashley
  • «War Paint» – Iliza Shlesinger 

There ya go. Nine albums that are well worth blowing your Christmas money on. So what are you waiting for? Get to laughing!
Happy New Year!