Jon Lajoie’s «I Kill People»

Jon Lajoie is back with a new collection of music that is sure to illicit more than a few laughs. Allow me to clarify: It’s a new collection, but not a collection of new songs, as most of the tracks have been available on Lajoie’s YouTube channel for some time now.
iTunes seems to be flooded with musical comedians but most of them are  hardly more than smirk-inducing on the first listen.  This is not the case with Lajoie. For starters, the production value is much better than most of the overnight silly songs that crop up. True, LaJoie isn’t going to be winning any awards for his vocal prowess, but he’s too busy cleverly skewering rap, pop music, and rock ballads to let that stop him.
Lajoie kicks off I Kill People with the title track, an intentionally-stunted gangster rap complete with a 1983 Casio keyboard beat. At first it seems to be just another rapper bragging about how great he is until you realize…well…maybe he’s not the greatest.
«My lyrics are like the movie The Shawshank Redemption…..they’re really good.»
He’s like the Ben Stiller of comedic rap. He excels at portraying the over-confident guy who can’t really live up to his own self-created hype.
There are your few standard penis, masturbation, and ill-fated love songs that just lay limp – pun intended –  («Listening To My Penis,» «Alone in the Universe,» «In Different Ways») but Lajoie really soars when he gets a chance to show off his various characters. And when his characters bump into each other on the same track, there are hilarious results. «WTF Collective» (and its sequel a few tracks later) introduces us to rappers like MC Insecure, MC Amnesia, The Chorus Guy, MC Doesn’t Know What Irony Is, MC Gets Sidetracked Easily, and my two personal favorites: MC Lethal Weapon 1 2 & 3 and MC Lethal Weapon 4.
Lajoie is at his best when he goes at a subject full-force. «Michael Jackson is Dead» is an angry rap aimed at those who criticized MJ and suddenly became fans after his death. The genius of this song lies in the fact that the more the rapper defends The Gloved One, the more Michael comes out looking not-so-good.
«Mel Gibson’s Love Song» is one of those songs that I probably shouldn’t have laughed at as much as I did («I love you…that’s why I punched you in the face») and «Radio Friendly Song» is a nice companion to a song from his previous album, «Pop Song.» I freely admit that it’s probably my brief experience in the music business machine that makes me love these songs that call out the music industry.
All in all, «I Kill People» is a solid comedy album. Sure, not every track is a home run, but neither is every cut on Eminem’s new project. But at least Lajoie is funny on purpose.