Adam Norwest’s «One Of A Kind»

One Of A Kind from Adam Norwest is a fun look at a young comedian who is actively and passionately carving out a niche for himself. Enthusiastic and confident, Norwest is also self-deprecating and honest about his own shortcomings. It’s OK for him to poke fun at others because he’s the first to admit he is just as goofed up as the rest of us. Living with his parents until recently, Norwest gets some good mileage out of his less-than-masculine appearance as he struggles not with being gay, but by being perceived as such.
On stage there’s no question that Norwest is in control, rattling through one fun topic after another with the assured swagger of someone who is working well within his comfort zone. He has a vast array of sexy animal facts in his arsenal that work quite well and it’s likely you’ll never look at a stingray the same way again (and I probably shouldn’t love his phrase «sting-raped» as much as I do).
One trick Norwest really has down is what I refer to as a «hangtime joke,» a quip that, when first delivered, doesn’t really garner much of a reaction until…wait for it…and there it is. There are a handful of such occasions included on the CD and each instance is enjoyable listening to as the audience finally «gets it.» Sometimes the hangtime itself receives a reaction, which is equally cool.
There are a couple of groaners that don’t get as big of a laugh as I’m sure he would like, but Norwest remains undaunted, pushing through as if it didn’t happen, and the next bit always brings a nice laugh and the crowd is easily brought back around.
Another great source of material for Norwest, perhaps the one that clicks the most, is his outlook on/relationship with women. Whether he’s pining about the desire to get involved with a single mom (so he can have sex with her and play video games with her kid) or explaining the real purpose of Spanx (what girls wear under their dresses when they wanna become liars), Norwest always gets a nice reaction, be it a big laugh or an audible wincing groan (like when he reveals why the age difference between him and his girlfriend is especially fitting)
When it all comes down to it, Norwest is just a regular guy who happens to like rap music, finds a tricked-out Ford Focus amusing, and dreams of the day when he is physically strong enough to get ice cream out of the container. Of course, it’s his Red Bull-fueled approach and gently skewed reaction to those things that sets him apart form others.
He is still a young comic and at times it shows (that’s not a bad thing). Norwest has really come along and it’s fun to see him clicking along at such a nice trajectory. He has a nice rhythm and has found – and embraced – his voice as a comedian. For those not familiar with Norwest, this album serves as a nice introduction while at the same time providing him a sturdy jumping point from which to dive into whatever is around the corner for him. Adam Norwest is one of a kind indeed.